(L-R) Lawrence Leaman, Dean Kenning, Patrick Goddard

Cafe Gallery, London 06.07 - 28.07.13
Preview: 05.07.13 / 18:30 - 20:30

What if some of the greatest plays in history were borne of a bargain with the Lord of Dreams?

Sol Archer | Anna Bunting-Branch | Cindie Cheung | Will Cenci | Beth Collar| Annie Davey | Chris Fite-Wassilak | Alastair Frazer | Patrick Goddard | Anna Gritz | Charmian Griffin | Dean Kenning | Una Knox | Lawrence Leaman | Daniel Lichtman | Will May-Robinson | Stuart Middleton | Laura Oldfield Ford | Naomi Pearce | Sam Porritt | Richard Sides | Frances Scott | Christopher M. Smith | Jennifer Teets | Simon Werner | Ursula Wild | Angharad E.P Williams

This possibility is played out in Issue #19 of Neil Gaiman's graphic novel The Sandman as multiple worlds collide to witness William Shakespeare deliver the first performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Taking this graphic retelling as its starting point, the Woodmill has assembled a group of some 20 artists, writers and curators to produce a collaborative project at CGP and the surrounding park. This accumulative exhibition delivers a set of works formed by the group, drawing from their shared interests in the material, and augmented by a schedule of one-off outdoor events and performances.

For full details and documentation of activities please choose from the list below:

- The Earth is not at rest by Sol Archer & Frances Scott

- Goblin Mask Making (Workshop)
Led by Simon Werner and Will May-Robinson

- LAN Party (Event)
Christopher M. Smith

- Kittler Picnic & Park Acoustics (Event)

- Goodiepal Marathon (Performance)

- Lawns and Hedges (Film screening)
Programmed by Anna Gritz and Jennifer Teets

- Duckrabbit (Film Screening)
Selected by Patrick Goddard

- Chris Fite Wassilak's essay

Casa De Amigos

(L-R) Sol Archer & Frances Scott, Beth Collar, Casa De Amigos, Una Knox

(L-R) Stuart Middleton, Angharad Williams, Lawrence Leaman, Patrick Goddard, Dean Kenning

(L-R) Lawrence Leaman, Richard Sides, Stuart Middleton & Richard Sides

(L-R) Sol Archer & Frances Scott, Beth Collar

Stuart Middleton

Stuart Middleton

Beth Collar, Print-out of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman #19

Angharad Williams

Anna Bunting-Branch